About us

What more to say that isn’t already said on the title page….

Well, maybe first an explanation of the website name? The two little furry bundles of joy shown in the photo above are our miniature dachshunds – Sherlock and Watson!

Mr TTD and Mrs TTD are originally from the North East of England (a lovely place called South Shields) but now live in London and our toddlers are 3 and 4. The eldest will be starting school in September and so we figured this was the perfect time to take some time off and make memories.

Mr TTD is taking a sabbatical from work (very fortunate to work for a company that encourages such things!) and Mrs TTD is a full time mum.

There isn’t a set in stone plan for the trip, more of a case of setting off, researching as we go, getting recommendations and then seeing where it takes us.

Thanks for stopping by!