Thank you for visiting our website. We’re not really sure if it’s going to be useful to us or, indeed, useful to you, however, we thought we would use it to keep track of what we’re doing, where we’ve been, and things we’ve learned along the way. Hopefully some people (us included, maybe when we look back in a few years) will find it useful!

Head over to the “About Us” section to learn a little more about who we are but the short version is pretty much as it says above – two adults, two toddlers (4 and 3 years old) and two dogs (miniature dachshunds), travelling round Europe in a motorhome for six months.


Websites we used

Here is a list of useful websites we found when researching our trip. The list is in no particular order and we found some more useful than others but everyone is different so here they Read more…


We’ve setup an instagram account to share photos of the locations we’ve visited and hopefully connect with likened folk who can offer tips and advice. The link is here and the photo below is of Read more…

Stuff we bought

As this is our first ever motorhome trip, we had no idea what we needed to buy so we did the usual – search on Google! What we’ve listed below is what we bought and Read more…