I must admit that I struggle a little bit with deciding what should go in a blog post and what should go in a “normal” page so this first post is a little bit of an update to the “About Us” section and a general update.

Firstly, the “About Us” page talked about us not having a route and whilst that was generally true (we didn’t have a fixed day by day plan) we did know roughly where we were going. That, however, changed considerably when the storms decided that the UK and Northern Europe was going to be battered by bad weather for weeks-on-end.

After spending a couple of lovely but wet/windy weeks in Amsterdam and Brugge, we decided we would head south and west in the search of warmer weather. What a brilliant choice that was as we hadn’t planned on visiting Portugal but Porto was one of the best places we’ve visited. So beautiful, a great campsite and very friendly people.

We’re now in the south of Portugal (with a stop in Lisbon on the way) and enjoying some fabulous weather. We can’t quite believe how many UK registration plates we have seen here so it’s clearly a popular destination for British folk. We’re getting some stuff delivered to us at the campsite so will be here for another week or so fingers crossed everything arrives!!) and then we’re going to head to Spain (Seville, Cordoba, Malaga, Madrid etc etc). After that, who knows (and who knows where will be “open” if the Coronovirus keeps wreaking havoc).

We’ve been in the motorhome for about a month now and are still having fun, haven’t had too many fights (well, any more than usual…..with two toddlers, every day involves some form of screaming and tantrum :-)), and are excited for the next few months!


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