Route, Campsites and Notable Places

Through another travelling website we found out that Google provide some pretty neat capabilities in their Google Maps product so we’ve attempted to use them to track every campsite we’ve been to plus the cool places we visited/uncovered at each location.

At some point we’ll write up our comments and thoughts on each of the places; it’s all captured in an Excel file just not very human readable at the moment!

What does the map show?
The map shows all of the campsites we’ve stayed at, the route* we took to get there, and the notable places we uncovered.

How do I see just the campsites?
To see just the campsites, or the route, or the notable places, you need to click this image – . Then, a side panel will slide out and you can select or deselect whatever it is you want to see.

* The route may not be 100% accurate as it’s just showing the route that Google suggests, however we used a specific mobile app to make sure we only went on roads/bridges that were suitable for our motorhome. The map is close enough so you get the gist.